We provide a range of freshly meals, sandwiches and pizzas prepared by our New Chef.
Please have a look at our MENU.
We appreciate in advance for not bringing your own food or drink into cafe (with the exception of baby milk/food naturally).
Last food order at 4pm
We also provide CATERING for local businesses so CONTACT US for further information.

Type MealPriceDescription
Adults Menu
English all-day breakfast£5.952 pork sausages, 2eggs, bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, beans & homemade toasted bread
Veggie all-day breakfast£5.952 vegetarian sausages, 2 eggs, smoked salmon, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, beans & homemade toasted bread
Free-range 4egg omelette£4.95Free-range eggs, ham, mushrooms & cheese
Veggie omelette£4.95Free-range eggs, mushroom, tomatoes & cheese
Buttermilk Crepes
Savoury Crepe£4.50A stuck with further pleasure:
Bacon & Canadian maple syrup;
Ham & mozarella cheese;
Coffee morningAdd coffee to your breakfast for just £1.50 (Monday-Friday)
SandwitchesFreshly made bread, doorstep cut and topped with the freshest ingredients
On ToastBacon & Fried Eggs £3.85
Poached egg & guacamole£4.15
Smoked salmon & poached egg£4.25
Hot SandwichesHam & mozarella cheese£3.75
Salami, tomatoes & cheese£3.95
Tuna, mayo & olives OR sweetcorn£3.95
Grilled veggies (Tomatoes, Aubergine, Peppers)£3.65
BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes)£3.65
Toast with butter (2 slices)£2.00
£0.50Add Nutella, jam,marmalade, honey
Greek£5.75Mixed green salad, feta or goat cheese & olives
Tuna£5.95Mixed green salad, eggs, tuna & onion
Chicken£5.95Salad, grilled chicken & cream sauce
PomodoroSpaghetti in tomato sauce with fresh basil
BologneseSpaghetti in tomato sauce with beef mince meat
CarbonaraSpaghetti in cream sauce with bacon
Lasagne Bolognese£6.55Lasagne sheets in tomatoe sauce & beef
Lasagne Verdune£6.55Lasagne sheets in tomatoe sauce & grilled veggies
Margherita£6.50Oven baked thick pizza base with tomatoes, mozzarella & basil
Explorers Special£7.50Margherita with fries
Parmigiana£9.50Tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, aubergine, parma ham
Capriciossa£9.50Tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, olives
Sicilliana£9.50Tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, salami, olives
Pepperoni£10.50Tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, mild pepperoni, pepper, onions
Vegetarian£10.50Tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, pepper, mushroom, onion, sweetcorn
Meat feast£11.50Tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, Grilled Chicken OR tuna, mushroom, sweetcorn
Goats' cheese£11.50Tomatoes sauce, goats' cheese, parma ham, caramelized onion
JACKET POTATOESServed with house salad
Tuna & sweetcorn£4.95
Chicken, spinach & mushroom£4.95
Warm chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream £5.50
Apple & Berry Crumble with berry sauce & whipped cream£4.75
Buttermilk Crepe with banana, nutella & chocolate sauce£4.75
Buttermilk Crepe with greek yoghurt, berry sauce & honey£4.75
Kids Menu
English all-day breakfast £3.551 pork or veggie sausage or slice of smoked salmon, 1 egg, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, beans & homemade toasted bread
Free-range scrambled eggs£2.50Free-range eggs & cream
Buttermilk Crepes
Buttermilk crepePlain with butter£2.50
£0.50Add Canadian maple syrup or honey or jam or marmalade or cream
Kids Sandwitches*Toast (2slices) with butter£1.50
£0.50Add Nutella, jam, marmalade, honey
Ham & cheese toast£2.50
Funny shapes cold sandwich
A choice of:
Under the Sea
My Friend Dino
Butterflies in the Air
£3.95Served with hummus and veggie sticks
(just ham or just cheese)
Kids Short PASTA£3.75
PomodoroTomatoe sauce with fresh basil
BologneseTomatoe sauce with beef mince meat
Macaroni cheeseCheese & cream
Jacket potatoes£3.30Just butter or tuna or Beans
Kids mealA choice of:
Meatballs in tomatoe sauce (4 pieces);
Wurstel (2 grilled pork sausages);
Chicken nuggets (4 pieces);
Fish fingers (4 pieces);
£5.00Served with hummus & veggie sticks & fries or mashed potatoes
Flat white£2.15
Hot chocolate£2.45
Raspberry and cranberry£1.60
Little chino/choco£0.50
Single/double Espresso£1.50/£1.90
Single/double Macchiato£1.80/£2.10
Earl Grey£1.40
English Breakfast£1.40
Decaf English Breakfast£1.40
Green tea with mango£1.60

Soft drinks available for children and adults.

Please note that this is our sample menu and some dishes may vary

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